Sunday, 4 October 2015

Girly Shopping Day

I had a lovely day yesterday shopping with my Mum, Auntie and Cousin. We had a little look around the shops and had a lovely late dinner followed by cocktails. I am going to do a separate Primark haul post as that is where I got the majority of my purchases from. Here are a few pictures. 

We went to Liverpool for the day which is a fifteen - twenty minute train journey from where I live. We did a bit of shopping then ate in a Thai restaurant called Chaophraya (after many attempts I still can not say this.) I'll just call it Chao.

This is what I had to eat, I am addicted to taking photos of food. I had chicken skewers with a satay sauce for my starter and for my main I had deep fried sea bass with a creamy curry sauce and jasmine rice. The food was amazing.

I took this in the toilet of the restaurant. There is this fish tank separating the men and ladies toilet sink area. Here you can see the gents mirror if you look through the fishies home. I looked through and saw a random man. I nearly pooped my pants! It's a little bit odd but also very cool at the same time.
After our meal we went through to the cocktail place next door called Palm Sugar. We got discount for having just eaten at the connecting restaurant. I loved the huge statement d├ęcor.

I had a cosmopolitan and the others had a Bellini.

This is me with my mum enjoying our cocktails. I would recommend either of these places to anyone, Soooo when are we going again please?

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