Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Charity Coffee Morning

My cousin held a charity coffee and cake morning to raise money for breast cancer, it was nice to get everyone together and who doesn't love cake for breakfast? 

There was a good selection of cake, we all made something different and not one thing was shop bought. We could have opened a cake shop.

I made the lemon drizzle cake which is the square cakes at the back.

This Guinness gingerbread cake was AMAZING!

These were red velvet cupcakes, I love how the breast cancer ribbon is on one of them.

I am loving these cake forks, they have such a vintagey feel.

We had to play this game where we each had to put our name against an item that we thought may be in the big pink wardrobe. My cousin had picked it before hand and put it in an envelope. The winner got a box of cakes...

...guess who won. Excuse the windswept rained on look. I was super happy to have won but it was enough knowing we all there supporting an amazing cause, I would definitely recommend it!

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