Friday, 25 September 2015

Family Wedding Time

I love a good wedding, last week my cousin got married. I think you will agree that planning an outfit for the occasion takes a lot of planning and consideration. How to have your hair? make up? what to wear? what shoes? what bag? The dress I wore I got months ago from a monsoon outlet store. I instantly fell in love with it.

I went for quite subtle make up, one because I didn't have a lot of time and secondly I felt as though the dress should get all of the attention and my make up should just compliment it. Pink blusher, pink lips and a pinky gold smoky eye effect.

Just before the wedding I nipped to a beauty salon down the road to get individual eyelashes put in. It literally took the girl 10 minutes to do where as if I would have done them it would have taken me 2 hours. I absolutely love them and one week on, I still have them in. 

This is my cousin Neesha and a full length picture of my dress. For my hair I curled it using big barrelled curling thongs. I then clipped in an old necklace to jazz it up a bit. 

I really like this picture as we weren't posing and it just captured us laughing instead.

Myself and mummy bear, thought I would throw this one in to show my shoes. They were from the Very catalogue but a couple of years ago. 

Here I am with the beautiful bride, her dress was absolutely gorgeous and featured some 3d flowers which you can just about see at the back. It was such a lovely wedding, I can't believe it was a week ago now.

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  1. Superb photos! I am also going to attend a family wedding in next week at the destination wedding venues in Chicago. It will be a beachside wedding ceremony and we all have got different dress codes. I will have to look like a 70s girl. I am sure this wedding would be a blasting event!