Thursday, 25 February 2016

Superdrug Haul

You know what it's like when you just go to order a couple of things then the next thing you have a basket full of mostly impulse buys and things that are just too much of a good offer to not get. I originally put more in my basket but I was very good and short listed it to these lovely items.

I am such a huge fan of using salt spray, it is so easy to apply and leave in your hair. It makes my work hair easier. Toni and Guy do a larger version of this but I thought I would get this small 75ml one, it is perfect travel size or just to keep in your handbag. £2.19 for this which I don't think is bad at all.

These were quite tricky to apply, I'm not going to lie but once I got them on they stayed on all night and they looked really pretty. I wanted something dramatic and these certainly met up to those expectations. A bargain at £2.77.

This product was the reason for my little Superdrug haul. My brother keeps using my hairspray (I have no idea why, he's a weirdo) so I ordered this. I didn't want to get an overly expensive one as it would mostly be going on my brothers hair. It is quite good actually, I don't like hairspray when it makes your hair go crunchy, I just like a loose hold for when I've curled my hair.

Little bit obsessed with Rose Gold right now so I was more than happy to discover this Rose Gold blusher by Sleek. The colour is gorgeous and quite subtle as a blusher, it creates a nice shimmer or you could use it as a bit of contouring. It also comes with a nice little mirror.

Keeping to the Rose Gold theme, I found this eye shadow stick by Kate Moss for Rimmel. It was £4.49, it is super easy to apply and of course I love the colour. You could use a little for the daytime and go bold for the evening.

These Elegant Touch false nails were on offer for £3.30 which is a bargain so I thought I would try them. I love this colour and they will fit my tiny child sized nails. 

Soo...these weren't the colour they looked on the picture. I thought they were a darker finding Nemo colour orange. They are quite bright but I think they will be perfect with a tan or at a festival. These were also £3.30. 

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