Thursday, 4 February 2016

Happy Jar

Last year I started this little happy jar, whenever I did something cool or I was grateful of something or I thought of something that made me happy I would write it down and put it into this jar.

I got the jar from Ikea and decorated it with this cute lace and some string.

I wrote down my little memories on these coloured post it notes and from time to time I would get other people to write down something they wanted to. 

I read back all of the little notes I had gathered over the year and each one made me smile or laugh. I think I am going to store them all in a scrapbook or maybe in a frame I haven't decided yet but I am definitely going to start writing down new memories.I love this idea as when I get a down day I can read a couple of notes and instantly feel better. It just keeps you positive and reminds you of what you have to be grateful for, It is a good idea to do it as a family and read them back together or even just as a couple.

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