Wednesday, 17 February 2016

January Favourites

I can't believe we are halfway though Febuary, wow that went quickly. Sorry for the delay but here are my favourites from last month which feels really long ago now. I promise to upload my favourites sooner next time. 

This Rimmel gold eye shadow in the shade Gold Record is so shimmery and just really easy to wear. I haven't been wearing any liquid liner recently and have been putting a little bit of eye shadow on instead so I don't feel too naked. I have been wearing a dusting of it in the day time but it's probably more for the evening with liquid liner and false eyelashes.

I got these little guys for christmas, I actually received them after christmas as my mum had forgotten to give me it. I like wear the gold on one or two nails and the red on the rest. They are really quick drying and long lasting. It doesn't tend to smudge or chip which are the problems I find with other nail varnishes.

I love this Revlon matte balm in the shade Striking Spectaculaire, the colour is really pigmented and is so moisturising. It smells nice, it feels nice and is perfect for the daytime as it is matte. Its safe to say I love these as I also have a pink one and definitely want more colours. They weirdly smell like peppermint.

Lash sensational Maybelline mascara makes my eyelashes so long and defined. After a couple of strokes they are pretty much done or you can apply more for a more dramatic look. 

I get bored very easily with my hair colour so last month I thought I would go a shade of red. I really liked it, I have a lot of red in my hair anyway so I think those tones suit me. It has faded a lot and now I am bored again...hmm what colour next?

Its rare that I actually bother to style my hair so this Vo5  is ideal, I put it in when my hair is wet and it is nice and wavy in the morning.

I know its a bit naughty having Coco Pops for breakfast do they do contain iron and vitamin D so it equals out...right? I'm not usually a cereal person but I have been enjoying these and I could just eat them any time of the day.
I have started to play badminton, I didn't have any trainers apart from a really old pair which I knew my brother would laugh at so I invested in these Nike Roshes. They were only £32 from an outlet store which is a bargain and I actually love the design of them. I like things that are a bit different and these certainly are.

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