Monday, 7 December 2015

November Favourites

My November favourites my have a slight Christmas theme, just a slight one but I think that's allowed. 

I got this sample free with my feel unique order, I ordered a couple of Christmas presents from there and I got to choose two samples which I thought was really good. I love this blusher, it looks super pink but there is an added shimmer in there which makes it look more subtle once applied. I may have to get the full size version.

Nice little winter nails. I thought these would look cute with a little snowflake sticker on and some gems.

These have been a life saver, my hair has got a little dry with the colder weather so these little guys have really put much needed moisture back into my hair.

Christmas jim jams. These are from George at Asda and I absolutely love them. The matching top and trousers are adorable and are soo cosy.

Everyone needs a christmas jumper and I like how this one isn't obvioulsy christmasy as it can be worn after christmas. It is from and cost £15. I have been enjoying wearing it and feel the need to go iceskating...wearing this jumper.

I love Rolo yoghurts, I go through phases as I sometimes forgot about them but last month I was loving these.

I feel like its only right to put afternoon tea in considering I had one three times last month. They are just the best.

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