Sunday, 20 December 2015

Gift Wrap Idea

I wanted to get creative with my gift wrapping this year and have a theme throughout. I decided on tartan and brown as a colour scheme and also sourced some ribbon and twine for decoration.

I made these gift labels from a bit of the brown paper I got and a bit of twine, they were really simple to make and cost hardly anything to make. 

I got this tartan paper and twine from Asda which I think look really cute together. 

Hmmm, probably should have put my flash on here. I love a bit of tartan, must be because of my Scottish roots. 

I went for brown paper and twine for a couple of things. I was running out of ribbon so thought I would try it. It looks quite plain but I like it.

I think this is my favourite, there's so much you can do with plain brown paper. The paper and ribbon were both from Ebay and didn't cost very much. 

If you have been extra good this year then you will get a candy cane, I thought this was a nice little touch. 

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