Saturday, 19 December 2015

Day Trip to Amsterdam

Last week my boyfriend and I went to Holland for a few days, we stayed with Marcus' Uncle who lives there.  I loved how relaxed it was there and everyone was super friendly. Here are some pictures of our day trip to Amsterdam.

This is where we got the train from to Amsterdam, the trains there are really efficient and are bigger than those here having a second floor to ensure more people getting a seat.

I was shocked at how good the weather was for December, it got chilly later on but for the most part was clear and dry. 

Going there definitely made me want a bicycle, its the way to travel over there. There were numerous times I nearly got ran over by one.

We decided to take a canal boat ride, it was recommended to us and we thought it would be a really good way to see the City. This was taken just after we had set off. 

This was part of the light festival that was on while we were there. The sentence was written in light by Massimo Uberti, it made me smile every time I saw it. When I first saw it I thought why just today? As I thought about it more it reminded me to live in the moment and that maybe sometimes we need reminding that we are loved or to reinforce to others that we love them. That was my interpretation anyway, I feel hearing this will have the same reaction as every time I saw it.

The boat trip was lovely, we got to see the city both when it was light and as it was going dark. It lasted about an hour and a half for the route we went on. We got off at the Anne Frank house, it was a shame we didn't get the chance to go there...hopefully next time. After the boat ride we got some tea, had a couple of drinks at a cute bar we found, it had heaters outside and blankets. We then watched a ballet by the very talented Netherlands Dans Theatre who Marcus' Uncle is the creative director for, it was called 'School of Thought' and was absolutely incredible. It was especially cool seeing a bit of the behind the scenes and meeting the dancers.

I forgot to take photos of this, hope your liking the better quality from my shiny new camera.

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