Friday, 7 August 2015

July Favourites

I can't believe how fast July went, I feel like I blinked and it had gone. Here are a few things I enjoyed during July. I always love clothes and fashion but I especially loved it last month and enjoyed experimenting with different styles
The first reason I love this outfit is because it was ridiculously cheap. The top was £4 from Primark which they do in a variety of colours and the skirt worked out around £2 from Ebay. I just had to wait a while for it as it came from China. The second reason is I am in love with the skirt, I felt really pretty and elegant wearing it.

Bit of a random one but I love my vegetable plot. I decided I wanted to grow salad produce and vegetables. I grew some tomatoes last year and got the bug for it. It isn't that hard to maintain it just needs watering but it is so satisfying going to the garden and picking some carrots for tea. They taste so much fresher the those you get from the supermarket and quite sweet too. 

I got this cute pink crochet waistcoat from George at Asda. I can't remember the exact price but it was between £10 and £14. I love the fringing featured at the bottom and the detail just above the fringing.

I did these neon nails for Kendal Calling. I absolutely loved them and they were very festival appropriate.

I looked absolutely everywhere for the perfect pair of dungarees. After a couple of hours shopping with my mum, I found this pair in Dorothy Perkins for £28. I wish I could wear them all of the time.

I decided to start a happy jar a couple of months ago. It is filling up nicely and so satisfying putting a post it note in with a happy memory on. I can't wait to read them all back.

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