Thursday, 20 August 2015

Embarrassing Photos

Thought I would post some pictures from a time I shopped at Tammy Girl and the 915 range at Newlook. I'm not sure who told me I looked cool but it was safe to say I liked to take a risk with my choice of clothing. I couldn't have owned a mirror!
I also had a tendency to tuck my hair behind my awkwardly sticky out ears. 

I look very unimpressed in this photo however I used to absolutely adore this coat. It was pure white with a fur trim and it had a hood. 

I'm not sure how old I was here, I had blonde highlights when I was about 12 which have grown out on this photo to the now on trend ombré look. Check out my overly plucked eyebrows, got to love the game 'let's make my eyebrows into the thinnest line possible'. Why did I do this! I did love this Tammy Girl top.

I seem very proud of this outfit at the time. I used to love these cords and this belt which I think I had got free with a skirt. 

I can't believe I am putting this one on. I am very critical of anyone wearing double denim and here I am wearing it myself. I loved a good middle parting apparently, the top is horrendous you can see my tummy and again my hair is tucked behind my ears...why?

I think this is my coolest outfit, I remember loving it too. There was a definite military trend going on. I think this whole outfit was from 915 in Newlook. Nice pose! 

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