Sunday, 30 August 2015

Cornish Break

I have just had a few days away in Cornwall, I have family that live there and my boyfriend has never been so thought it would be fun to spend a few days there.

As a child I have spent many family holidays in Cornwall and it usually started and ended with a 6 hour train journey. On this occasion we decided to fly. It was the best decision, we were only in the air for forty minutes but it was a nice easy journey. 

On our first full day we decided to take on the camel trail and do the 5.9 mile journey from Wadebridge to Padstow. The journey there wasn't too bad as it was dry and the picturesque scenery made it a lot easier. 

We chained up our bikes and went for a walk around  Padstow.

We found a mini golf course and decided to have a game. Out all of the crazy golf games we have played (which is quite a few) I don't think I have EVER won. On this occasion I did and I'm not sure if I will let Marcus forget it.  

Here's the card with my WINNING score on, I'm 'Rorsy' as that's what Marcus' little cousin calls me.

I took this on the way back with my trusty selfie stick.We were about halfway through the 5.9 mile journey back and had got absolutely drenched so I think a five minute rest was allowed. 

After the bike ride I had a well earned chocolate brownie...mmmmm!

Had an amazing breakfast the next day, smoked salmon with scrambled egg and toast. Oh and a camomile tea.

We went to a strawberry farm where there were animals and a playground. My cousin has 2 year old twins so it was perfect for them. They went on a big slide and a digger then they spotted some little tractors that went round a track when you put a pound in them. I sat on with one twin and they absolutely loved it. We then got ice creams, I went for the rocky road one which was really nice.

In the evening we went for a lovely meal to prematurely celebrate my mum and dad's 25th wedding anniversary with my family from Cornwall. I had a lovely evening and ate far too much. 

We had a lovely time away especially getting to spend time with these little cuties. 

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