Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Catch up with Friends

I caught up with a couple of friends I used to go to uni with just over a week ago, I booked us in for Afternoon Tea in Manchester which is a mutual meeting place for us as we all live in different places. Afterwards we went around the Christmas Markets.

Before afternoon tea, we met up and went for a hot chocolate at Hard Rock Cafe which was nice, 

We had afternoon tea at a place called Browns (definitely not my third afternoon tea this month), there was so much tea and cake but it was amazing.

There was a choice of plain scones or fruit scones, mmmm.

We had such a lovely catch up and lots of giggles. Its not often we are all able to meet up but when we do its like we have never been apart.

I really like the stands that the cakes and sandwiches were on, I thought they looked really cool.

After our Afternoon tea we had a walk around the Christmas Markets, It made me feel really festive and we got to walk off all of that cake.

Look how pretty these lights are, I had the best afternoon and can't wait for our next catch up.

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