Monday, 16 November 2015

What I got for my birthday

It was my birthday just over a week ago, I enjoy seeing what presents other people get as it gives me ideas for presents or it may be something I would like for myself so I am not doing this to brag or show off. I got a variety of presents and I genuinely love every single one. 

I got these really cute mittens from an Auntie, I loved mittens as a child and cannot wait to wear these.

I find it quite hard to relax sometimes so this is perfect for me, I enjoy colouring and it just takes your mind off everything.

These nail varnishes were from my cousin, I have not used this brand before so I am excited to try them and I am loving the pastel shades.

I got a couple of gift vouchers, this Newlook one and also one for Outfit. Very excited to go shopping and spend them.

My mum and dad got me these cosy fleecy pyjamas, they also got me tickets to go and see The Bodyguard in Manchester which has Alexandra Burke in.

Bit of a random one but I do love jelly tots, they are my fave.

Love love love this giraffe scarf, I really want to hang it on my wall rather than wear it as you won't get the full effect when it his draped round my neck.

My boyfriend has organised for us to go Amsterdam in December which was my present from him, these euros were from his sister for when we go.

I can not wait to try some of the hairstyles out that are in this book. I may do a blog post on it but I love experimenting with my hair.

These last two items were from my friend who knows me very well, I really like the colours in this necklace and think I will be getting a lot of wear out of it around the festive period.

Finally I got this Giraffe witch is a ring holder, I have never seen these before but think they are a brilliant idea. I don't have anywhere to put my rings so this is perfect.

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