Tuesday, 10 November 2015

October Favourites

Autumn is well and truly here, it has been a month of the leaves changing on the trees, the temperature slowly dropping meaning more layers and Halloween. Here are my faves...

Rimmel wake me up foundation in the shade soft beige, I have been really enjoying this as has my skin. I have very dry skin and this doesn't seem to make my skin any dryer which is good news. I like the colour and you can choose to build it up more for an evening look if you wish.

I have been loving this blusher stick, I really like the shade. It is quite easy to go overboard with it but the key is just to rub it in.

I have been using these nail glitters a lot. They are so easy just to sprinkle on while the nail varnish is wet. I have applied this to every nail if I am going out or for a daytime look chosen two nails to sprinkle. 

This has been my saviour as the temperature is dropping and my skin is suffering. I have used it on my face a lot and it has worked wonders.

So after looking through my pictures I have realised that I have enjoyed quite a few cocktails last month. It's quite rare that I drink alcohol but I do love a good cocktail. 

Lastly, keeping with the drink theme. I have been drinking quite a bit of valarium tea. It is calming and encourages a good nights sleep. I have been having trouble sleeping and this has definitely been working for me. 

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