Thursday, 3 September 2015

Wedding Hair Ideas

I have a couple of weddings coming up and thought it would be a good idea to trial some hairstyles. I had no idea what I wanted so looked for some inspiration on Google and worked with the hair accessories I have.
The first one I did was a bit of a messy side bun, I have done this with three different hair accessories to show how versatile it is. These pearl pins are really cute and could be used for so many other styles.

This is the back view, I just stuck a few around the bun.

These pins instantly make a hairstyle look that bit more formal and elegant. 

I really love this 1920's style hair accessory, Its one of those that has a piece of elastic attached but I cut the elastic and attached it with bobby pins. I much prefer it.

This was from Accessorize however i got the head band a couple of years ago. Sooo pretty though! 

Finally for this hairstyle I wrapped this floral Primark hairband around the bun for a delicate vintage look. 

At the front I clipped a pretty headband in, you can't really see it properly but its pink and silver with flowers and leaves on from Newlook.
The back doesn't look too glamorous but I thought I would experiment by twisting pieces of hair and clipping them.  

I tried really hard to do a waterfall braid, I attempted it for a good hour watching you tube videos but just could not get the hang of it. If anyone has any tips please comment as I would love to hear them so I can finally get the hang of it. I settled for a braid either side instead which I clipped either side. 

I gave this floral headband a go just above the braids. I think this one is my favourite style. 

If your feeling brave try a more adventurous hair piece. Like the one pictured above this can give you're hair that little bit more of a statement.  

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