Wednesday, 29 July 2015

A Few From My Shoe Collection

I may have a slight shoe obsession but I think it is completely necessary to have heels in as many different colours and styles as possible. Here are a few from my collection. Some are quite old so may no longer be available but I'll put where they are from anyway.

These are the comfiest heels I own, they are perfect for times when you have to wear heels for a long period like a wedding or a day at the races. I have worn these to the races before and my feet didn't hurt by the end of it. They are by Love Label from They are quite old so may not still be available.

These are the latest edition to the collection. They are from Newlook and were £13 in the sale. I got them two weeks ago so assume they are still available.

These are from Primark and were I think £10 in the sale. I love the colour and they are comfortable for a while but they can start to hurt after a long period.

My mum got me these from Newlook as they were a bargain only costing £5. I didn't have any black shoes at the time which I think is a must for any wardrobe.

I got these last Christmas, I think they are the most expensive pair I own. They were from Topshop and were £55. I absolutely love them. I looked at alternative cheaper fluffy shoes but nothing compared to these. 
As you can tell by the toe area I have worn these quite a bit. I love the colours, the coral against the yellow upper. They are pretty comfy and I love wearing them to colour pop. 

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