Thursday, 9 July 2015

My June Favourites

Here is a little selection of things that I enjoyed using last month.

Last month I absolutely loved using Roller Lash by benefit. I have never seen my eyelashes look so long without false eye lashes on. People always seem to notice when I am wearing it too which is nice, I have had lots of compliments.

I have wanted a pair of Hunters for a while and because I don't really do plain or boring I went for bright orange ones. I love them and they would be perfect for a festival or to brighten up those winter months.

I discovered this by accident and fell in love, if you have ever been into Whittards you will know that they always have little testers for you to try. When I last went in they had a Lychee and Mango tester there. It is really nice and refreshing. The thing I love about it is you can have it hot or cold. I also like the pretty pictures on the tubs.

I have been liking these Tanya Burr lip glosses in Exotic Island and Enchanted Forest. It is so glossy and long lasting. It also smells really good and I know you shouldn't eat it but it kinda tastes nice too if you do by accident. I haven't tried the lashes yet but I'm sure they will be amazing.  

These hair products are just amazing. My hair was quite dry and these have helped to give it the moisture it needs. The shampoo and conditioner smell like mint and the sea salt spray smells like coconut. I enjoy using them and the salt spray gives me gorgeous beach waves  

My mum has her own shellac nail kit complete with the UV lamp. I sometimes borrow it and decided to use this colour change nail varnish. When I got hot it went blue and when I was cold it was purple. I think it looked really cool when it was half blue and half purple.

I have never used Yankee Candles before so being a candle lover I thought I needed to try them. The beach holiday scent is amazing as is the pink grapefruit, I haven't tried the other two yet. I am loving the little bucket candle holders.

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