Thursday, 16 July 2015

Summer Lip Shades

I have a huge collection of lipsticks and lip glosses, I am a little addicted to buying them but try to get a different brand and shade each time. Here are a few of the shades I am loving.  
The first one is by a brand called Kiko, I was introduced to it by my cousin and when I went to London I went into the store and that was when I found this gorgeous colour. It is called Pearly Fuchsia and it really lasts a good while after you have applied it. I also like the smooth glossy texture.

The next one is this really cheap good quality brand I have discovered. It is called MUA and is ideal if you are unsure of a shade and just want to try it out. I think this particular lipgloss was around £2 which is really cheap. I like how bright it is and would be perfect for a festival or a night out. The great thing about this is no matter how hard you try, it does not come off.

Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquer shade 304 Eclipse. I know it isn't summery at all but I love how dramatic it is and it makes a real statement whether you wear it day to day or in the evening.

I think I purely love this for the mirror, it is super handy to keep in your handbag and use the mirror while out and about. As you can see I clearly love the shade too as it is nearly gone. It is by Seventeen and is called Hollywood. I like how subtle it is and will definitely be replacing it.  

I got this cute little Lancome lip gloss from a friend, it is called lip lover and is no 337. It is a subtle shade for daytime and is moisturizing too...bonus!

I have worn this shade so much, I just love this and it is really cheap. It is super summery and if you are wearing orange or have orange featured in your outfit it is perfect. 

I don't usually do subtle when it comes to lip colours but recently thought I would go for a change. This is the latest addition to my lipstick family and I actually really like it. It is different to anything else I have. It is by Kate Moss for Rimmel and is shade 45 Rose Nude.

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