Sunday, 26 July 2015

Festival Hairstyles

I love experimenting with my hair so thought I would try out a couple of festival hairstyles. 

The first hairstyle is a Milkmaid braid, I have wanted to try this for a while but thought it looked more complicated than it actually is. It is best either the day after you have washed your hair or two days after. I parted my hair in the centre and tied one half up to keep it out of the way. I plaited the other side leaving a section at the front. I then clipped the plait going over to the other side and across the front of my head.I did the same with the other side and pulled the plaits slightly to loosen them. I straightened my fringe and curled the sections at the front with my straighteners.

For the next one I took a small section of hair on each side, twisted it and put a clip in to secure it in place. You can't see it properly on the pictures but they looked like little ears. I then put four plaits in, two on each side. It is really simple and you could add flowers or ribbons if you wanted too.

I would save this style for the last day when your hair starts to look a little greasy. Put a little dry shampoo on, a little salt spray for volume and put in the biggest flower headband you can find. This particular one is from Asos and cost £12. I absolutely love it. 

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  1. Great hair ideas- LOVE that flower crown!