Tuesday, 10 May 2016

The Bodyguard Musical Review

Last week I went to watch the Bodyguard Musical at the Liverpool Empire Theatre. I actually saw it in December too at the Palace Theatre in Manchester Starring Alexandra Burke as Rachel Marron. I loved it so much I just had to go and see it again and this time it was Zoe Birkett playing Rachel who did a fabulous job.
The 1992 film was about a famous singing sensation named Rachel Marron played by Whitney Houston who faced the frighting reality of being stalked to the point of receiving death threats.Bodyguard Frank Farmer in the form of Kevin Costner was called in to protect the Star and her son Fletcher. The film was Whitney's acting debut and I am pretty sure the only film she did. I have no idea why as I think she did an amazing job as an actress and should have starred in more films. The film got mixed reviews but the soundtrack to the film which featured all of Whitney's own songs was a smash hit.
There are a few differences between the film and the theatre show but I have to say I preferred the musical. I think it was because there were more Whitney songs than the film and being a huge fan of her music this was a definite plus, the story was the exact same but it was more like a mini Whitney tribute concert which I loved.
It will have you laughing, crying and up on your feet dancing. If you have the chance to go then I would definitely recommend going to see it.

I always have to get a programme when I go to the theatre, it's tradition. 

Here is my cousin and I waiting for The Bodyguard to begin feeling very excited.

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