Sunday, 22 May 2016

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor

I have been meaning to try these little beauties for a while now, I think the thing that most appealed to me was the packaging. They remind me of little highlighter pens, I also love how vibrant the colours are. I got three to try but now I have tried them I definitely will be purchasing some more. 

Here they are, I got (from top to bottom) Seduction which is a really pretty nude shade, Amour a nice red and Obsession which is a vibrant pink. I went for three different shades and also I don't have too many nude colours which is why I thought I would try a nude.

I was very excited to try these, I started with Obsession. I love a vibrant pink especially around this time when the sun is shining and you have a little summer dress on. First of all I love the applicator, it is nice and wide and makes applying really easy. It also smells super good, kind of like a fruity ice lolly. 

The colour is really pigmented, I literally did one coat on my lips and I could have happily left it there. It is easy to apply, the colour is gorgeous and you are able to build it up as much as you want. 

Next I tried Seduction which I call a nude colour but I feel it has a little more pigment than a nude, you can tell you have something on your lips which I think is why I love it. Usually nudes for me are a no go as I prefer a brighter shade but this one may have converted me. I also have to point out that you twist the lid, I was pulling for quite a while and errm getting nowhere...awkward. 
Super pretty and perfect for daytime for maybe work or just if you want something on your lips that is more understated.

Last but not least I tried Amour. I am a huge fan of a red lip mainly if I am going on a night out or for an occasion, it just makes me feel that little more dressed up. It has good staying power, a beautiful sheen and I just love the shade. 

Overall I love these, I can not wait to wear them and I may have to get the whole collection. The colours along with the easy application and ability to be long lasting is what makes me love them so much. 

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