Monday, 6 June 2016

My Little Welsh Holiday

Last week I went away to mid Wales where my boyfriends grandparents have a time share holiday home, we were really lucky with the weather. I packed a mixture of summer clothes mixed with jeans and jumpers, it got a little chilly in the evenings so I did wear the woolly jumpers I took but I definitely didn't need my jeans.
These pictures were taken on a little walk we went on, the views were absolutely incredible and something I miss now I am back home. We always seemed to be on the go, on the complex there were lots of things to do so we went swimming, played tennis, pitch and putt and table tennis as well as lots of walking.
This little trail we went on had activities to do which I loved, it made our walk more fun. It was set in a forest but was a little edited as a couple of years ago a lot of the trees fell down in the high winds.
We also had a day at the beach but I forgot to take my camera. I think I won the most annoying girlfriend award on this walk wanting pictures taken in different poses and 'ooh just take that again I had my eyes shut'.
I had such a lovely time with my boyfriend Marcus and his family, it was so nice to not be in work. I find it really hard to relax especially with my anxiety but I finally managed it on this holiday. I even read a book which is something I have always loved the idea of as I love reading but I can never relax enough and never make the time to fit it in. I think I definitely need to make the effort to read more. Sometimes a break is much needed to gain perspective and clarity which is what this holiday did for me, I feel more motivated and driven to go after what I want. 

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