Thursday, 30 June 2016

Happy 1st Birthday Lollipop

I have been blogging now for just over a year, yes I went to the efforts of baking coffee cupcakes and lighting a one shaped candle for the occasion. I don't do things by halves. I am really proud of my blog and I enjoy doing it which is why I wanted to celebrate. I feel as though I have come a long way since my first blog post, for starters I now take pictures using an actual camera instead of using my Iphone. It was easier to upload from my phone however the quality was not great. I am not the best photographer, I am still learning how to take the best picture but I do try and be as creative as I can with them which I enjoy. My blog may only have quite a small audience but I don't mind, I am all about doing things that you love and I like having this space on the internet where I can be creative and share things. I look forward to continue to blog, I want to be as honest as I possibly can and this blog gives me the motivation to try new things so that I can share it.
Here's to the next year, I hope to watch my blog grow (but not too big) and to find cool new things to blog about.  

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