Saturday, 11 June 2016

Primark Haul

Been to Primark haven't I so I thought it was only right I did a haul. I went a couple of weeks ago and came out with absolutely nothing. I don't know what it was but that has never happened before. I always get panicky in there and really anxious but that doesn't usually stop me from buying anything. It was quite cold outside and the shop seemed to be filled with summer clothing or holiday wear. This time I went I saw lots of lovely things and because it was sunny outside it was easier to buy clothes to suit the sunny weather and buying holiday clothes felt less wrong.

I got this mustard slip dress that would be perfect to put on over your bikini for by the pool or on the beach. You could even just put it on for a hot summers day, it is really versatile and has so many different accessories options. The dress cost I think £8 and the sandals were only £3...bargain.

I like the dress that much I got it in this red floral pattern. They are super easy to wear and can be dressed up or down which is what I like about them. Put on a pair of wedges and there's your evening outfit sorted. This was also £8, I can see myself getting alot of wear out of it.

The pose is so cheesy I'm laughing at myself but I thought it would be cute. A simple cornflour blue sun dress with crochet detail, I got this with future holidays in mind. It was a bargain £4.

I am in love with this skirt, I want to twirl around when I have it on. It is a maxi circle skirt and was supposed to be £10 but when I got to the till it had been reduced to £5. 

I really like this maxi dress, the terracotta colour is not something I would usually go for but I am so happy I did. It is super flattering and I especially like the tassel detail. This was £13.

This simple white sun dress was £4, I think I need a bit more of a tan to wear this. Put on a chunky necklace to dress this up for night time. 

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