Friday, 8 April 2016

March Favourites

Hello, I am finally getting the chance to sit down and write about my March favourites. It mainly seems to have a hair theme, I fancied a change to my locks so most of my favourites are related to this. I am in need of a good hair mask however so if anyone has any recommendations I am more than happy to hear them.

I have been really enjoying this little palette from MUA, the matte colours are so pigmented and there's some nice neutral tones in there for the daytime. The blue terrifies me slightly but I may be brave enough to try it one day.

This lip crayon is by Kiko but the writing has kinda rubbed off on it. I can't remember the shade as I have had it a little while but I love it so much. I am going to have to order another one or go to their London store. The consistency is really creamy and the colour stays put for such a long time. I have been putting it on in the morning and it literally stays there all day.

So last month I took the pretty drastic decision to go ombre. I have been ombre before and absolutely loved it. The upkeep isn't as stressful as highlights or a full different colour. I went for the Loreal ombre kit which comes with a handy little brush. I did need a little bit of help but I am completely happy with how my hair has turned out and it has just blended really well without needing another colour. If your thinking of going ombre I definitely recommend this kit.

Related to the last item I felt as though my ombre colour went a bit orangey after a couple of days so I invested in this John Frieda tone correcting shampoo and conditioner. This stuff is incredible, my hair looked so much blonder. The bright purple colour is quite scary but it doesn't make your hair purple I promise. I love my hair even more now and it is really inexpensive.

For the last few weeks I have noticed that my teeth have started to look a little yellow. I got this toothpaste which only cost £2 and it has honestly worked wonders. I have noticed a difference within a week.

After washing my hair, just before I blow dry it I have been using the V05 Plump it up lotion which works incredibly well. It makes my hair look so much thicker and bouncier. Love this.

I loved these little guys last month and am very sad that mini eggs are now gone forever...well until January. Its safe to say I made the most of them while they were here. Easter just would not be the same without them.

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