Monday, 10 July 2017

Exploring Edinburgh



 This time two weeks ago I was in Edinburgh, it is the second time I have been there now and I just love it there so much. There is always something to do and I just like the general atmosphere there, it feels friendly and welcoming. I had arranged the trip as Marcus' birthday present, he had never been before so I thought it would be nice to explore it together. As you can see above we packed a lot of things in, we did so many touristy things and there were still things we didn't get round to doing but that's just a good excuse to go back. We did a bit of shopping when we arrived on Princes Street and Georges Street, we did the hop on hop off tour bus which is a really good way to see everything, we did a tour of the castle, we saw the Grey Friars Bobby statue and grave stone, Voldemort's grave stone and went to the Elephant House cafe where J.K Rowling wrote the first few books. There was a tourist attraction called Mary Kings Close which I highly recommend, it is located on the Royal Mile and is definitely worth visiting. I enjoyed walking round and exploring and going in the quirky shops. We stayed in an apartment rather than a hotel which is something I haven't done before, it is so much easier and we had our own space to just make breakfast or chill out watching Netflix (which is what I did when I couldn't sleep at five in the morning.) I had the best time and I know I will be back there soon!

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