Sunday, 8 January 2017

What I Got For Christmas

I hope that everyone had a lovely Christmas and New year, I can't believe that two weeks ago it was Christmas day and we were all probably enjoying an afternoon nap after our Christmas dinner right now while watching Frozen...or was that just me? I love seeing what everyone got for Christmas especially when the present is personal to them. Here is a selection of what I got, not to boast or anything like that but purely if your nosy like me or you may see something you want to try for yourself. 

It is definitely tradition to get pyjamas for Christmas, I got these cute Disney ones from my boyfriend's mum. I love them and as you can see they match my bedding which obviously is important. 

It wouldn't be Christmas without one of these, Marcus put it in my stocking.

People know me so well, I got so many new false nails and this isn't even all of them. I love how they are all different too. Currently wearing the elegant touch constellation nails which are rose gold.

Lots of new Disney films from Santa, he is the best. I loved Milan as a child but I have never seen the second one, reflection is such a lovely song. I can't wait to watch all of these.
I have used this a couple of times already, I wasn't sure if corkscrew curls would suit me but I actually really like them. I think they look better the next day when they have dropped slightly and they don't take that long to create either. 

Cute little Oasis watch which will go everything, I always forget to wear a watch but I will definitely be wearing this one. I love the floral face.

I am obsessed with notebooks and unicorns so what could be better than a unicorn notebook. I can not wait to write in this and it is glittery too.

I like to keep a diary, it just helps me empty my mind in the evening. I don't always fill everyday in but it is there when I need it especially if I am feeling low or anxious I can write how I feel and it helps me to feel better.

My brother got me this from Cath Kidston, I absolutely love it and it will come in very handy when I bake.

My brother's girlfriend got me this matching apron, I don't actually have an apron and every time I bake I get covered in flour or cake mixture so this will be very useful.

I adore Paperchase and I had actually got my mum a list book for Christmas in this print, I can't wait to write my recipes in here. 

My boyfriend got me this as a small jokey present but I actually can't wait to use it. It will be good for a plane journey.

I have two tangle teasers but I don't have one with a handle,  the ones I have tend to fly out of my hand so hopefully this one won't do that.

Adding to my Lindy Bop obsession, I got these shoes. They aren't something I would usually go for but they will go with all of my Lindy Bop dresses and skirts.

I am using this as a pencil case right now, it has all of pretty pens in. Definitely always be a Unicorn.

My Mum and Dad got me these cute postcards, I have always loved Beatrix Potter. I have no idea who I am going to send 100 postcards to but I love the idea and each one is a different picture.

This item was on my list, I use the Calm app at night when I am struggling to sleep and I when I saw this I thought it would be useful. It is such a lovely book and I just love the pages and the fact it has activities in it. 

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