Monday, 19 December 2016

Christmas False Nails

I am obsessed with false nails anyway but the Christmas false nails have just been so cute and adorable. I have been wearing them for the whole month so far and enjoyed the different varieties, Here are my favorites. 

Although I haven't actually had these ones, I love them however I just haven't been able to get my hands on any. They are so cute and are more winter themed than just specifically Christmas themed. 

Image result for elegant touch polar opposites
These are the ones that I first wore, Polar Opposites by Elegant Touch. They are the cutest wintery nails, I adored wearing them. 
I really enjoyed wearing the Snow Globe nails by House of Holland for Elegant Touch. I had so many compliments and actually got quite sad when it was time to take them off. I love that they look like little snow globes.

Image result for christmas nails elegant touch
I am wearing the Santa Baby House of Holland nails right now while typing this post. I love them and never ever want to take them off. Santas beard did get a little bit mucky but while I was washing my hair they were spotless again by the time I had finished. These are my favourite.
Image result for christmas nails elegant touch
I bought these glittery ones with the intention of wearing them for New Year, I thought they would be appropriate for that time and I am pretty excited to wear these...even if it means taking off my Santa Baby Nails. Sad Face! 

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