Sunday, 18 September 2016

Making My Own Jewelery

I have a necklace that I was bought and it is a delicate silver piece with charms on, it has a sun and a moon with stars and a bead that is my birthstone colour given to me by my boyfriend. He calls me his 'Sun Moon and Stars' which I know may make some of you want to puke in a bucket but that was the reason for the necklace which I thought was really personal and unique. Inspired by this necklace I thought I would have a go at making my own jewellery as I would quite like some more pieces similar with the same personal touch.

 I got the charms, necklace chains and rings from eBay and the fabric was what I already had as spare bits. I really enjoyed making these and I got quite creative especially with the rings and what I put in them. For a personal touch you could put a photograph in there or I think I may try putting some dried flowers in there to see what they look like.

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