Friday, 30 September 2016

August Favorites

A very very late August Favourites. Better late than never...right? I think this one is one of my favourite 'Favourites' posts as sometimes it's difficult to find new things I have used or discovered but this time it was really easy and I just love each and every one of these items.

Superdrug Coconut Oil 125ml
I know Coconut Oil isn't a new discovery but I have been loving the effects that it's been having on my hair, I recently got shouted at by my hairdresser for how dry my hair was and after a trim and a small amount of the oil my hair is in much better shape. I just got this one from Superdrug which was £2.49. I like to leave it in overnight when my hair is greasy and wash it out in the morning, I smell like a human bounty when I have it in but it is definitely worth it.

beautyblender Sponges red carpet
I just got a cheap beauty blender to try from Boots to see if I liked it but I have also seen them in Primark if you are just wanting to try them out. Considering it was really inexpensive my make up goes on so much smoother and more even. I used to have really blotchy make up and by the end of the day my foundation would just be coming off, these sponges definitely make it last longer. I think I may invest in one now I know I love them.

Image result for www.rosie bea nails
Image result for www.rosie bea nails
I know I have recently put Elegant Touch nails in one of my favourites but how adorable are these Nails in the Rosie Bea range. I have been wearing them non stop, I like having pretty nails and these are a low maintenance way of achieving that. Completely obsessed with this range (not that I have purchased them all...oops) my favourites are the nude and copper nails as well as the molten nails I am currently wearing while typing this.

Image result for maybelline mascara
The falsies push up drama mascara by Maybelline is so good, my lashes have been looking so much longer than they usually do and it wasn't even that expensive. It is my new go to mascara, love it.

As a massive Sushi lover I just had to get this jumper, perfect for cosy dress down days. This was £7.99 from H&M.

As autumn is well and truly on it's way, I thought getting an autumnal lipstick would be very apt. I went for this (very dirty) Nyx matte lipstick in the shade Aria. I really like it, it is a little different to any other shade I have which is a nice change.
Ceremony Silver and Pearl Charm Bracelet
It was mine and my boyfriends anniversary last month (August) and he got me this beautiful bracelet as a gift. I was introduced to Annie Haak by my cousin and am forever looking on the website at all of the beautiful jewellery and now I own one.  
Image result for corn flakes
So this is a bit of an odd one but last month I ate quite a lot of cornflakes, it was my go to cereal and I just didn't get bored of it. I rediscovered my love for them and I didn't always eat them in the morning either. 

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