Friday, 19 June 2015

Pretty Pastel Nails

 I have discovered a really cool technique which I wanted to share. I don't have the longest 
or most glamorous nails but I do like to experiment and match or clash my nails depending on my outfit.

I started by filing my nails and getting them all nice and rounded, then I used a clear nail varnish as my base coat to protect them. 

Using a white nail varnish, I did a thin layer on each nail. I really love this nail varnish, I wasn't sure at first as I thought it just looked like I had used tip ex on my nails but now I would happily use this on its own.

Next you want to paint on a section on a make up sponge (you can use any colour).

 Then dab on alternative corners of each nail.

Repeat with a different colour and dab on one corner of each nail. I did alternate corners to give it that tie dye look.

I think this was my favourite colour I used, it is called Icy Purple and it is a shade I haven't seen anywhere else. (I mastered taking pictures with my feet to get in shot the painting on the sponge).

 For the last colour, the idea is to fill any gaps in.

Finally finish off with a clear nail varnish and just dab around the edges with a cotton bud dipped in nail varnish remover to tidy the edges up.

 Here is the finished product. Really wish I had beautiful long nails but I'm working on it. Try it with any colour combination you wish. Happy dabbing. 

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