Wednesday, 8 March 2017

February Favourites

After a break from favourites posts I actually miss doing them and I now have quite a few favourites to share. Here are my February Favourites.

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I have a couple of go to lip colours at the minute. The first one is called Boho Nude by Rimmel, how pretty is the packaging? This is a nice day to day colour. If I want something with more pigment I will go for the NYX buttergloss in the shade Toasted Marshmallow. I love it!

Tangle Teezer The Ultimate Hair Brush - Pink: Image 21
I am a massive fan of the tangle teaser, I have a few of them in different colours however my only fault with them is they do tend to fly out of my hand every now again. So I when I got this one for Christmas, it changed my life. Ok so that was a little dramatic but I find it a lot easier to grip and it is just easier to use. 

Mckay Strap Boot

As soon as I saw these Ugg boots I knew that I wanted them. They aren't like the stereotypical Ugg boots which adds to their appeal. I had forgotten how comfortable they are with the fluffy lining, it is basically like wearing a pair of slippers and I live in them. These were from Office.

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I wrote a blog post after I went to see La La Land, it doesn't give too much of the plot away or I tried not to. It was such a good film and just has to be in my favourites. If you haven't seen it already then go right now!

Image result for chocolate caramel dolce gusto pods
I got a coffee machine for Christmas which I have been a little bit obsessed with, you know how you get some gadgets where you use them a couple of times and then that's it they are hidden away never to be seen again. Well my coffee machine is the complete opposite, I use it every single day. I'm not a massive coffee drinker however I do love a good hot chocolate, my favourite one is the caramel hot chocolate pods (I think they are purple) the smell is incredible.

Image result for dungarees newlook
I had wanted a pair of dungarees for a really long time but I didn't know if I would suit them or if I would just look like a farmer then I didn't really know if I would wear them and I was just being fussy. I found some in Newlook in the sale for £10 so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try out a pair and I absolutely love them. If I could wear them all the time...then I would. I think I want some more that aren't denim. Also the picture above are not the exact pair, mine are a bit darker.

Image result for lindt box of chocolates

Marcus got me this box of Lindt chocolates for valentines day and I can honestly say they were the nicest chocolates I have ever had, You know when sometimes you get a box of chocolates and there are always certain flavours you don't eat so you give them away well I loved every single one of these. He can definitely get me them again...hint hint!

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