Friday, 25 November 2016

What I Got For My Birthday

I am not doing this post to show off in any way, I love this kind of thing as I'm just generally nosy and enjoy seeing what other people get for their birthday. I may see something that I would like to try for myself or see something which would be a great gift for somebody else. My birthday was just over two weeks ago but I am only just getting round to doing this so apologies. I genuinely love every single present I received and I think it was one of my best birthdays present wise. Everyone knows me really well and I had lots of lovely surprises.

These were from my Auntie and Cousin, they got me this cute make-up bag while they were on holiday. Everyone knows how obsessed I am with Elegant Touch nails and this colour will go with absolutely everything.

I was really shocked to receive this from my Brother, he has obviously been instructed by my mum as there is no way he could have known I wanted this bracelet. I am loving Annie Haak and their designs, I have always loved daisies so this one is perfect. 

These cuties were from my Auntie and Uncle, I already can't wait to use the bag to take to the beach on holiday. I also got a little bag with a dog on, a unicorn lip balm and some sleep in rollers.

Marcus' sister got me this amazing Destiny cup from finding dory, she is one of my faves and also some vouchers for a local farm shop. I can't wait to spend those, the farm shop has the best food and gifts.

I got this lovely charm from a different Auntie, she explained to me that it doesn't look like much but it has a meaning. It wasn't until I turned the charm over that I saw the picture of my Nan, it made my heart melt. I put it on my Pandora bracelet but I think I am going to get a chain so I can wear it as a necklace. 

Excuse the dirty unicorn slippers, they haven't left my feet since I got them. I got some Aladdin pyjamas too which I couldn't take a picture of as I am wearing them. these Christmas nails are amazeballs. These were off my Mum and Dad as well as tickets to see Funny Girl and money in my card.

Marcus' present to me: He gave me these two items explaining that he didn't have much money and was very sorry that this was all he could get me. I love an eye mask especially this dory one, I have also used this Olaf tsum tsum a lot as it makes a great little pillow.
After going out for a meal and spending the evening together, Marcus left and I went up to bed...however I found another present from him that he had planted under my covers. He had planned a trip to the Lake District, how he lasted the whole night without saying a word I will never know. Now the travel related items made sense. I was absolutely shocked and rang him immediately. 

Obsessed with this dress that my best friend got me, I have already worn it a lot. It is the perfect day dress with tights and boots but equally could be dressed up with a pair of heels.

On the left are rainbow cupcakes baked by cousin and the others are Frozen themed cakes made for me by my brothers girlfriend.

I had the best birthday, I also received some more presents that I couldn't really take a picture of. I received an Indian head massage from Marcus' mum which I can't wait to book, a bottle of wine from two of my cousins, a voucher for afternoon tea and a bottle of Prosecco from my boss.

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