Friday, 22 July 2016

May and June Favourites

So because I am rubbish and didn't get round to doing a May Favourites, I thought I would combine May and June so you could see what I have been loving the last two months. I won't make a habit of this I have just had some things I have been dealing with which has meant I have had less time than usual and not really been in in the right frame of mind. There is quite a mixture but that is what favourites are all about...right?

I am on my third set of these, my real nails are rubbish and will only grow to a certain point so these Elegant Touch glue on Nails are Perfect. I have had a mint green set, a pale pink set which were called Jackie and right now I am wearing some bright orange ones.

I have wanted some high top converse for quite a while but was always worried that they wouldn't suit me and that they would look silly on my long skinny legs. I finally decided just to order them and see what they looked like. I love them, I have barely taken them off since they arrived. I like to wear them with skirts or dresses or my dungarees, they will go with pretty much anything.

Definitely didn't pre order this and get the signed copy version. The pictures in this book are so vibrant and I just want to bake everything. I tend to make the same things when I bake so I thought this book would force me to bake something different. I have already made the Tripple Chocolate Cookies, Rocky Road which was incredible and the Nutella Pinwheel Biscuits.

I think Sewing Bee started in May time, I absolutely love it and always look forward to it coming on. It is something I watch with my mum and we can have some bonding time. I like the idea of going on there but I just don't think I would be able to take the pressure. Already looking forward to next years.

These are my new favourite pyjamas, they are from Asos and have Disney Princesses on them. They have been perfect for the warmer evenings and I have pretty much lived in them.

I have been reading quite a bit recently, I am trying to learn different ways to relax and this has certainly helped me to do that. I have read Me Before You so that I could go and watch the film, Girl Online by Zoe Sugg and a book that my mum has lent me called The Doris Day Vintage Film Club. I have ordered a couple more books for when I finish this one. 

My new favourite sweeties are these pick and mix packs which have a variety of things in which I like. If you are undecided and don't want to choose one thing these are perfect and they are all of the things I love. 

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