Thursday, 23 February 2017

La La Land

Just over a week ago I finally got to see La La Land, the film that everyone has been talking about and that has had so many award nominations. If I am being completely honest I wasn't that fussed in seeing this film, I wasn't entirely sure what it was about and the fact that it was absolutely everywhere made me want to see it even less. I am so happy that on valentines day Marcus surprised me by taking me to go and see La La Land at the cinema, I found it so relateable and inspiring. The story was incredible and the soundtrack is so good. I have been singing 'City of Stars' (one of the main songs) for an entire week non stop.


Without giving too much away, the film is about a girl called Mia (Emma Stone) who works in a coffee shop to earn money while she is trying to fulfill her dream of becoming an actress. We see her do audition after audition which don't seem to go very well, not because of her acting skills but more the people holding the audition being uninterested. After one particular bad audition, she dusts herself off and heads out with the girls on a night out. At the end of the night while walking home is when she stumbles across a club being drawn in by a pianist. This is where she meets...Sebastian (Ryan Gosling.)
Sebastian (Seb) plays the piano in a restaurant whilst his dream is to gain enough money to open and play in his own jazz bar. He drives around in a car without any insurance and hasn't even unpacked properly in his flat as he is so driven by his career and his dream. He does any pianist job he can get even though he is better than the job.
We see the characters at rock bottom and follow them on their journey of trying to pursue their dreams...and that's all I am going to say. Oh also the film contains a great soundtrack and lots of dancing and...John Legend!


I loved this film, it got me from the opening scene. I loved all of the singing and dancing and the characters completely drew me in. I could relate to their situations in the way of them chasing their dreams and working in a job just to get money and for something to do in between getting to their destination. It was also inspiring that they never gave up on their dreams even though they sometimes wanted to because it was easier and less upsetting.


A lot of people have said that I have a resemblance of Emma Stone which I can not see myself and it is a major compliment as I love Emma Stone. Her outfits in the film were so striking, I wanted to own every single one of them especially the dresses. I think I might try and have a go of making the iconic yellow dress with the black flowers on that is on every advert for the film.


This is a must see film and I can't wait until it comes out on DVD. Although I had heard mixed things about it I am so happy I went to see it for myself and form my own opinion.

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